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Dance Company

Liz Malcom of Devyani
American Tribal Style(R) FCBD(R) Style 

Liz Malcom

May 16 & 17, 2015

Join us for a weekend of ATS® Workshops and dance with Liz of Devyani.

In 1995, Liz discovered the beautiful and empowering world of belly dance. She studied Egyptian cabaret & folkloric under the instruction of Aiesha Banu and was one of the founding members of Zivah Saphirah, Middle Eastern Dance Company in 1997.

In 1999, Liz met Megha, Director of Devyani Dance Company, and fell in love with American Tribal Style® (ATS) belly dance. She joined Devyani Dance Company’s professional troupe in 2004. Since then, she has had the pleasure of teaching and performing throughout the United States.

Liz received her American Tribal Style® General Skills and Teacher Certification in April 2007. She is currently an ATS belly dance instructor and an assistant director of Devyani Dance Company.

She is also excited and honored to be one of twelve Tribal Pura International Sister Studio Continuing Education instructors in the world!

Workshop Topics:

What’s New?!?!

The vocabulary of ATS® is quickly expanding! In this workshop we will focus on the technique and application of the movements, concepts and combos on the “Anatomy of a Step” FCBD® Volume 9 DVD.

The morning class will mostly focus on the slow vocabulary and the afternoon class will focus on the fast vocabulary. Covering Taramind, FatChanceBellyDance ® and Ghawazi Caravan’s beautiful movements!

Knowledge of the Classic and Modern ATS ® vocabulary is strongly recommended as I will not be breaking down the basic movements that these combos and variations are based on. SSCE eligible

The Saturday Morning Workshop will explore the intoxicating slow vocabulary of Volume 9 (Medusa, Pulse Turn, Strong Arm, to name a few). We will focus on technique and variations of these exciting movements. If time allows, we will cover the passing concepts.

The Saturday Afternoon Workshop will dive into the fast vocabulary on Volume 9 (Triangle step, Egyptian Sevillana, The Roundhouse, to name a few) Technique will be the focus of this workshop. We will cover the combos, dueling duet and passing concepts if time allows.

Dynamic Duets

Duet formations have a unique dynamic energy that is exciting to both performer and audience member. We will explore what slow and fast ATS moves and transitions create more energy and drill some of Liz’s favorites. You will walk away from this workshop with the tools to master the “power duet”!

Concepts covered: moving around each other. Changing the lead, facing diff directions. Orbit technique, facing in towards each other, facial expressions, energy & speed.

This workshop is for intermediate dancers, but will be fun and challenging for any level. SSCE eligible

                                  Saturday and Sunday Workshops!

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Blue Oasis Yoga and Holistics, 6729 Two Notch Rd. Suite C, Columbia, SC 29223

Need a hafla ticket? See Liz Malcom of Devyani perform along with other  Regional Artist!  Available to Purchase March 1st!

Questions? Contact: Wendellyn Ladapo 803-431-1316
Email: wladapo@gmail.com

FULL PACKAGE All Three Workshops $99 or purchase
INDIVIDUALLY “A la Carte” $35.00

After February 28th Full Package $125 or purchase INDIVIDUALLY "A la Carte" $45


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