"Exploring Movement Expressive of the Heart, Body and Soul! 
A FatChanceBellydance Sister Studio®

"Exploring Movement Expressive of the Serenity that Embodies the Heart, Body & Soul"!

Performance Schedule

*Note: Private Affairs are not publicized 


February 16th   West African Showcase

March 9th-10   World Belly Dance Alliance presents the talented Anasma, Pete List and Rob Mastrianni of Beatbox                    Guitar in “Collaboration and Creation: The Edge of Music and Dance”!

April 5th           A Night at the Oasis, Decatur, GA

May 24-26th   The Second Dancer's Intensive "Crafting the Art of Dance" with Amani Jabril Middle                                                     Eastern & World Dance

June 16th           Rhythm, Raqs and Beats and Zazzua Student Showcase 

August 7-11th   TBA

October   TBA

November   TBA 
January 14th-15th          ALICIA of BELLYCRAFT in Atlanta, Georgia  Workshop and Performing in Show at  Pera Dance

February 11th-12th         Night at the Oasis Gala Show, Knoxville, TN

March 31st   A Night in the Oasis: Hafla at the Oasis! Decatur, GA
   Kavarna Cafe
June 16th-17th                 TBA

December 19th                Fuel, Fitness & Dance Showcase


February 12               The Silk Road with Special Guest Anasma of World Citizen Dance

July 6-11                      New York Theatrical BellyDance Conference
August 19th               "Rhythms, Beats and Raqs" with Special Guest Sundari and Musicians 'Kirtan Bandits with                            EmJayQubed'

August 20-21              "Cairo Blues Yesterday and Today" with Special Guests: Devyani,  Love Lotus, Mirabai, Sundari,   World Bellydance Alliance, Bella Moirae, Monica Coates and Emerald Hips

Sept 23-25th              West Ky Rootworker Festival

Oct 2nd                         Chattanooga Culture Fest
November 5th           The Fringe with Mirabai Bellydance at the Mosaic Center


June19-20                    Skyfest Regional Show and Expo
Jan 20-26                     Vancouver British Colombia                                                                 
March 12-13                Mardia Gras Hafla

May 2                            Chattanooga Bellydance Collective        

June 17                          Chattanooga's Riverbend

June 19-20                   Skyfest Regional Show and Expo 
July 24                          "The Devil Went Down to Georgia" with Ashara & Natalie Brown; Atlanta, GA
September 18-19        Morroco In Atlanta, GA   
October 8                       Banana Ball at Chattanooga Zoo

December 10                "The Fringe" Benefit Show with Mirabai

December 16                 Bessie Smith Cultural Center Holiday Event


June 20 & 21            Huntsville, Alabama  at  Benefit Show with Nomadic Tapestry 

Aug 1                           Summer Hafla  

Sept 26                      Benefit Performance in Calhoun, GA   

Sept 27                      Chattanooga "Culture Fest"                    

Nov 7                        "Anasma" Workshop & Show (Doors Open at 7:30--Show starts 8:00pm) 

Nov 8                        Anasma Workshop 

Nov 14                      The Fringe with Mirabai for "Room at the Inn"--Benefit Show 
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